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Keeping foods properly stored and preserved in refrigerators or freezers will always assure us of eating healthy meals.  Food that is kept safe, clean, and well-preserved is possible with well-functioning appliances. That is to say we must maintain our freezers and refrigerators well.

To defrost freezer is one maintenance task that should be observed at least once a week aside from the regular cleaning of the unit itself.  Surprisingly though, most find it a tedious task because of the thoroughness that this particular work needs.  For other people who have been doing it regularly, some tricks have been applied to make it easier.  While some who lack patience and time would resort to having careless methods like using pointed or sharp materials to chip away the ice, which is a big no-no. For many people the work required to Defrost Freezer ice is a chore that should be handled on a weekly basis.

If you discover there is a quarter inch of ice (or more) in your freezer compartment then it needs to be defrosted as soon as possible. The extra ice acts as insulation and prevents the freezer from cooling efficiently. This means the appliance must work harder just to keep your food frozen and ultimately this will lead to mechanical problems for the freezer and big power bills for you. A Maytag Refrigerator features this auto-defrost mechanism, making maintenance of your appliance easier and more convenient.

Although some modern freezers already feature the auto-defrost mechanism, you still must check regularly because some timer settings do not work accordingly. But if you have the old or traditional freezers, defrosting it manually and regularly will keep it working for you for several years or even decades. Talk about labor of love.

Today a large number of freezers feature self defrost and auto-defrost options. There are so many of these available that it is not difficult to find them. This is an appliance option that will make food storage much more convenient for you.  You can easily find a top quality Maytag refrigerator that offers an auto-defrost mechanism and this means that the freezer defrost task is suddenly an easy chore. You will not have to chip ice from the compartment or use tricks to defrost this type of Maytag refrigerator. The Maytag manufacturing company has been producing superior refrigerators since 1946 and remains one of the top selling appliance brands in the world.

Another brand name is the Zanussi freezer, most popular for their sleek designs and durability since their first production of units in the 1900s.  Some of their freezer types also come with the auto-defrost mechanism.  These Italian-based freezers carry with them the tradition of good functionality and elegance. High-end restaurants have their line of freezers and other cooling appliances, a distinction rooted from their Italian designs and quality cooking appliances and facilities. Zanussi Freezer refrigerators have been produced since the early 20th century.

Of course you can discover many different types of freezers and refrigerators that carry the Zanussi brand name. Among the available models are the chest freezers, the side-by-side style freezer, models that sit on top of the table, upright freezer styles and those that are made to fit under a countertop. Regardless of the style that you it is important remember that the quality of the appliance should be your number one concern.

There are some other well-known brands of refrigerator freezers that can be purchased at your local stores or through online sites. While you are browsing among the many brand names remember that nothing tops the act of actually being able to go to your nearest appliance store where you can see the models for yourself. This will also give you the advantage of being able to ask questions and inspect the appliances in person.

Being able to store your food safely and easily handle the maintenance are your main concerns when considering the purchase of a new refrigerator freezer.  Choosing a style that features the auto-defrost mechanism will keep your foods from spoiling over a longer period of time. With the purchase of a high quality appliance featuring a respected brand name this will be easy to accomplish.


The name may be proprietary to a single nation but the American freezer is as popular in the United States as it is in other countries.  Also known as the side by side refrigerator, it offers many advantages that other refrigerator types cannot provide, thus, accounting for its popularity.  After all, the simultaneous cooling on one side and freezing on the other side capacity provides for more convenience to the busy homeowners.

Buying an American-style refrigerator at reasonable prices from a freezer sale is not just about the money since you can always purchase an ice freezer with similar storage capacity albeit with lesser number of convenience features.  It is also about making sure that you have the necessary space to accommodate its large frame and the requisite money to pay for the higher energy costs.  If you are buying an American fridge simply for keeping up with the Joneses, forget about it.

Features: Standard and Premium

An American fridge just like any other will offer both premium and standard features. Of course, as you would expect when you add premium features you will also add to the final price of the unit. This is in keeping with the American sense of capitalism but is a fair exchange for quality.

Below are a few of the most common features found in most if not all American fridge units, with or without a few conveniences:

Defrost- When you purchase a new fridge it will most likely have an automatic defrost built in. No more annoying manual defrost required. Anti-Bacterial Agent- Inside the fridges lining there is an added agent called microban. This will inhibit the growth of harmful organisms such as fungi, algae and bacteria, which will keep your food fresh and safe in the device.

While many refrigerators will only drop to negative 18 Celsius, many newer models reach negative 26 quickly to provide the best conditions for frozen foods. This quick freeze prevents the buildup of ice.

Other features include safety-spill glass shelves, self-closing doors, water dispensers, temperature warning systems and, in many models, LCD touchscreens.  All of these features make the American fridge the most advanced in its category.

Consumption and Efficiency

In accordance with the energy efficiency thrust in the American market, most, if not all, American fridge units bear the Energy Star label.  Basically, this means that said consumer electric product uses 20 to 30 percent less energy than that required by federal standards.  You will then be able to save more on lesser electricity bills as well as lessen your carbon footprint.

Said energy savings are possible when you can practice certain tips.  You should place the refrigerator away from heat and sunlight; place foodstuff within the recommended capacity; and clean the compressor coils, when necessary.

Most of the American fridges are also designed to look like an integrated part of the kitchen.  You have to provide sufficient space to have it built into the wall instead of standing against the wall.  Additional decorative wooden shelves around the unit may also be installed to make it more attractive to the eyes as well as to balance the sheer metal expanse.

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