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Why do you think lenders want your credit score? To shed light on the matter, let’s define what a credit score is. A FICO (Fair, Isaac and Company) credit score is a number that companies granting credit use to assess an applicant’s risk. In other words, it gives them an idea or a snapshot on how well you will be able to repay the loan that they are considering of giving you. According to the Credit Education Center, about 65 percent of your credit score is based on your payment history, which includes payments on your credit cards and loans, and the amount of money you owe on your accounts. Before you start with this kind of transaction, it is good for you to know the common myths that hinder you especially from pursuing your dream of purchasing or getting a home loan for a home because this score can affect whether you get a loan or credit card so,

1. You have to Pay a Fee every time you check your Credit Score – Yes, you have to pay but it’s going to be only a small one time payment free to and checking your score will definitely not pull your score down.  Before making any purchase or making a loan application, you need to know your credit score and some are reluctant to do so because they think they have to pay to every time they need to find out about their credit score.

2. A Credit Repair Company can improve my score – Definitely not the best way to improve your credit score. A credit repair company by definition is an organization that helps you to manage your finances better and offers you assistance to improve your credit score through various ways like checking the accuracy of your credit reports with the credit bureaus, settling any credit report dispute as it arises, repairing credit in the wake of bad debts, and so on. However, this is not the best way to improve your score. You can pay your bills or monthly mortgage payments on time, lower your balances, and reduce the number of credit card accounts that you have.

3. My Bad Credit record Will Never Change – Of course not. Having foreclosure and short sale notes on your credit report can last for years, but they will disappear once you have made some improvements on your credit like paying down credit cards and paying all of your bills on time.

4. I have to use my credit card more often to build good credit rating – This is totally hilarious! It’s actually even better if you’re not going to use your credit card at all rather than using it and rick your score by not being able to pay on time, which can definitely ruin your credit score.

In order to win, we need to play the game by the rules. And how do we play by the rules? We need to be informed of the rules. Just like in making purchases or getting a home loan for your dream home at Homes in Inner Grove Heights, you need to know the facts as well as the myths in order to get the best deal.


You’ve decided to invest in a brand new home. But before you sign anything – actually, before you even start to look – have a close look at your life style, and then get the responses straight down on paper. The way you are living can in fact allow you figure out where you live; particular things like interests, the level of mingling you do, how much hours you spend at home, and even what physical activities you love – every one of these may have a effect on the home you finally choose.

It’s intriguing, but a majority of people do not give as much consideration to their life style as they do to the structure quality of the home.

While a profile needs to be written for every single family member, structure a list for the family as a whole, charting family priorities or the strongest and weakest inclinations of each and every member. It could be tricky to suit every person’s wish list equally, but this sort of profile will reveal what aspects tend to be most essential to all.

Also, writing it down not only assists in keeping them on your mind when you’re house-hunting, but can also make you aware of traits you could have in any other case neglected. Here are a couple details to take into account in drawing up the profiles.

Recreation. The majority of people enjoy some sort of leisure-time activity, may it be a sports activity or a hobby. In any case, it could have an impact on the home you select. In the event you lean in the direction of active recreation, then you certainly will want to look for a home and neighborhood that enable you to gratify these needs ideally and easily.

If you are still working, to enjoy the most time at home, pick a site suitable to your job, or close to a fast commute. And in the event that your free time is limited, you may would rather reside in a location where almost all of the outdoor maintenance is conducted for you. Condominium living is a good choice for a low-maintenance way of life that increases spare time.

Exactly how prosperous do you reckon you’ll be in adopting a fresh way of living? Most individuals are creatures of habit in some regard and they stick to the same passions and hobbies though they’ve gone to a new location. Other people continuously cultivate new interests and new methods to enjoy themselves. People are most likely to be pleased in a home and community which gives them the exact same satisfaction they enjoyed before.

Could there really be room for everything? You may have an amount of china or paintings, a good library or wine cellar. The children may have favored items, too. Choose a home where this stuff may be shown and cherished.

What about price? Just how much would you like to spend on your home in connection with other interests? A mature adult couple now living in a single-family home may want to use their assets to move into a comparable condo. On the other hand, a younger couple may choose to invest more on a home in a recreation-oriented community to allow them to enjoy activities that would cost them considerably more individually.

As you answer these questions about your individual way of life, you may discover other questions to ask yourself, to help you determine exactly how you wish to live. When you finally answer them all, the search is going to be a lot less complicated.